Anonymous Attacks Eight More Banks Part of OpIcarus

The first DDoS attacks part of #OpIcarus targeted the Central Bank of Greece, which were followed only after a few days by similar attacks against the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Shortly after that, the number of attacks seems to have exploded, now coming from all directions and from multiple Anonymous divisions such as Ghost Squad Hackers.

The operation’s official Twitter account, @Op_Icarus reported this weekend about DDoS attacks on the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (the only site still down at the time of writing), the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, the Dutch Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Maldives.

A day later, hacking news magazine HackRead also reported about attacks on the Central Bank of Kenya and the National Bank of Panama.

Ghost Squad Hackers member s1ege tweeted about a DDoS attack on the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Anonymous member BannedOffline also tweeted about similar attacks on the Central Bank Of Mexico.

Rounding up all casualties, in less than a week, Anonymous hackers have now DDoSed their way through ten of the 160 banks they’ve listed in an online manifesto, which also includes big names such as US Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank, the IMF, the New York Stock Exchange, and Bank of England.