Anonymous Donald Trump threats: Hate group thinks it can outdo GOP’s game plan?

Anonymous is issuing more Donald Trump threats in the hopes that it can outdo the GOP’s game plan in removing the Republican presidential front-runner from the voter’s ballot. The hacker group is waging an all-out war against Trump as his position in the presidential race is unstoppable.

Business Insider reports March 16 that Anonymous released a statement regarding Donald Trump on YouTube Wednesday stating: “Recently, Operation Trump has been re-engaged. We are here to terminate it and to banish it from the internet.” Cryptic warnings against Trump began in December from the hackers. Trump, however, is no stranger to people wanting to bring him down.

Anonymous is determined to stop Trump, a feat not even the Republican party has been able to accomplish with a rhetoric all its own — in addition to negative advertising. Now this hacker group believes it can do better, apparently.

Trump has spawned a nuclear reaction of sorts from those opposing his straightforward and unabashed views when it comes to solving a lot of the nation’s problems. Many are reading it as racism and bigotry. As one Anon spewed, the GOP presidential candidate is a “resurgence of racism and unrest,”; others have gone as far as comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous’ supposed threats are suppose to be unleashed on April 1 through a series of website attacks. The report reads that it “basically boiled down to calling for distributed denial-of-service attacks — a simple way of harnessing multiple computers to flood a website with data — against Trump sites, to begin on April 1.”

In all, the Trump campaign hasn’t responded to this hacker propaganda. At this stage in the presidential race, nothing surprises anyone.

What will it take for Anonymous to declare real war on Donald Trump?