Crescendo Networks’ AppBeat DC deployed by HumanConcepts

The visualisation of human resources data at Sausalito-based workforce modelling specialist HumanConcepts is now being handled by the Crescendo Networks AppBeat DC application delivery controller.

AppBeat DC is specifically designed to maintain the availability of web-based resources in the face of unpredictable traffic loads, preventing outages during peaks of legitimate user traffic or in the case of distributed denial of service attacks that simulate high visitation numbers.

Crescendo Networks’ chief executive officer Adoram Gaash reveals that 50,000 clients rely on the continued functionality of HumanConcepts’ online services to plot their workforce hierarchy and plan for future hiring or staff movements.

“AppBeat DC’s dedicated hardware architecture uniquely enables parallel processing which can easily support the volume, load and user surges that often occur with highly utilised and complex applications,” he adds.

The device is not only helping to ensure accessibility is maintained on an ongoing basis, it is also helping HumanConcepts to predict how its infrastructure will function in the future and plan for continued strong performance.