DDoS attacks on the rise as UK named as a key target

New research has revealed that the UK is one of the biggest targets for DDoS criminals, as the number of attacks continues to soar.

The latest Imperva Global DDoS Threat Landscape Report discovered that the UK is the second-most targeted nation, being hit by over nine per cent of all DDoS attacks in the first three months of 2016. Only the US suffered more, at 50.3 per cent.


Main source

Businesses of all sizes are being targeted by the global threat of DDoS attacks, according to the report, which also revealed that South Korea is the main source of DDoS attacks around the globe. This is partly down to a sharp rise in botnet activity in the country according to Imperva. Russia and Ukraine also topped the list of originating countries, particularly via the Generic!BT malware which is Trojan used to compromise Windows computers.


Frequency increase

Finally, Imperva also saw the frequency of attacks continue to increase. In the first quarter of 2016, every other site that came under attack was targeted more than once. The number of sites that were targeted between two and five times increased from 26.7 percent to 31.8 percent.

Imperva’s Igal Zeifman said: “Every DDoS attack mitigated is an invitation for the attacker to try harder. This is the reality of DDoS protection business and the common motive for many of the trends we are observing in the DDoS threat landscape today.”

Source:  http://www.digitalbydefaultnews.co.uk/2016/04/22/ddos-attacks-on-the-rise-as-uk-named-as-a-key-target/