Members associated with the Anonymous movement have launched DDoS attacks against several North Carolina government online portals as a method of protest against the recent House Bill 2 (HB2) that includes several clauses perceived as anti-LGBT.

The attacks took place over the weekend and were aimed at the main North Carolina government portal ( and the website of the North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (

The group’s Twitter account (@OperationLGBT) said these attacks will continue until the state changes the HB2 law, also known as the Bathroom Bill.

North Carolina passed a controversial version of this law this past March, one that prevents transgender people from using bathrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify.

Furthermore, the new HB2 law, applicable statewide, also includes various provisions that nullify local ordinances around the state that provided some sort of protection for the LGBT community, like the ones regulating the use of public accommodations.

The LGBT community protested around the world and the US, and at one point, adult site xHamster blocked access to their service for North Carolina residents, but not before tweeting that both gay and transgender content is actually very popular in the state.

Contacted via Twitter, the hackers behind this campaign told Softpedia that they’re very happy with the support they received from the public for their campaign.